Saturday, May 26, 2012

redis ~ good to begin links



Redis Commands

MongoDB vs Cassandra vs CouchDB vs Riak vs Neo4j vs Redis vs HBase vs MemBase:

Try Redis Online

Redis Hosting:
(Free Plan of 5MB 1DB 0Backup)

Webdis: a fast HTTP Interface to Redis

Taking advantage of Redis in your stack:

Home Documentation for Creators
Architecture of Redis:

The Little Redis Book (Free eBook):

Quick Support:

Different Programming Language Clients

Using Redis from:

Resque, a Redis backed library for creating Background Jobs.
An example usage.
Resque Scheduler to actually benefit with cron-ification of Resuq Jobs.

Redis and Scripting:
Update on Redis & Lua:
Redis Lua scripting is badass:

Quick Tutorial:
Collection of Redis HowTos by Community:
Collection of Redis UseCases:
15 min Intro to Redis DataTypes:

Have an Issue

Redis Persistence Dymestified:

Using Redis transactions with CouchDB:

Auto Complete with Redis:

Brute-Force password auditing against Redis KeyValue store:
Redis own Security Doc:

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