Friday, September 17, 2010

Pigeon Vs Broadband, Futuristic Intel, Microsoft and Google defamed ...& more


to show state of woeful broadband speed in Rural parts of UK, ISP Timico snet 2 pigeons carrying 200MB microSD card... to check which transfer completes first. Any guesses who won, The Pigeon :)

Phones sensing your mood, TV-Remote knowing your entertainment preferences... not a sci-fi movie; Intel is working for it ...but already dependency ratio is too high, would this extreme level of dependency good for the human perspective of humans, I'm sure of the doubt ;)

Microsoft Exec 'Glyn Mody' says 'Open' means 'Incompetent'... and I say don't worry about frustration on open incompetency about things they can't tackle.
Only God can save Microsoft from such... you know what. 

Small-to-Medium sized Business greatly got infected my malware infection via social networking


Google Engineer caught snooping on teenager's chat and data
still not handed over to Cops just fired... its a damn digital offense
China peaking in Google is a sin, Google peaking in Users data is Human-Error


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